Hi, welcome to BreathingCanWait.

BreathingCanWait started as the blog-site of an oxygen-deprived athlete’s affair with underwater hockey, freediving and life.

It started dedicated to underwater hockey and freediving and has evolved over time.

Along the way, I became we and team T&t was born.

Now, it is an avenue for team T&t to update family and friends about our adventures.

It’s a sports and travel blog, food blog and an online diary all packed together.

Get to know more about team T&t here.

On this Blog Site:

In Our Element. This is team T&t’s underwater diary. This segment talks about underwater hockey and freediving. This includes training and competitions we’ve attended. This also features amazing people from both sports that we met along the way and reflections as oxygen- deprived athletes are in this segment.

Travel and Living. This is a journal on our lifestyle. It talks about the things we do when not in the water. You will have a glance of our daily life here. This segment is divided into life here in middle earth and outside. If you have a fancy for exploring like us, you will also find some notes and tips about our travel adventures here. – In Middle Earth: Home and Living, Weekend Explorer, Culture; Outside NZ: Travel, people and Culture.

T&t Kitchen. This segment is still in the works. As team T&t explores healthier choices for our meals, we will try to share those with you. Occasionally, you will get a peek on some sweet indulgences. We don’t claim to be experts on health and nutrition but on this segment, we (particularly the little t) will share our discoveries and kitchen experiments.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you like what you read and discover here.

Let the moments in your life take your breath away!!!


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