The following are organizations who have  played significant roles in my underwater hockey growth:

Other Organizations

  • Citadel Underwater Hockey Club (Philippines). They are probably the youngest club in the country as of this writing but very motivated bunch.
  • Orca Bilzen Onderwaterhockey (Belgium). It’s in Dutch but you can always click the translate button 😉 They have interesting videos and helpful info for newbies.
  • OnderwaterhockeyNL. (Netherlands). Well, since i put their neighbor above, I guess this is worth mentioning too. There are lots of info beneficial for someone new in the sport. Check “Over OWH” and “Beter worden” tabs. Oh and my personal coach, Mr T., is in one of the videos too. 😉



  • Freediving-Philippines. This is where I took my freediving lessons (basic and advanced).
  • Freedive Singapore. This is Singapore’s sea fairy’s site. She became one of my training buddy/ coach and the best part, a dear friend. One of the awesome mermaids I’ve met so far. 😉
  • AIDA International. Be updated on current trends, competitions, rankings or just connect with other freedivers.
  • Freediving World Records. Wanna know what are the current records on breath hold diving? Check this out.
  • Rankings Around the Globe. Who’s who in specific countries, for a specific year or competition? Check them here. 


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