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A glimpse of Europe

About one and a half year ago, I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of Europe. Team T&T went there to be part of the biggest gathering of underwater hockey (uwh) fanatics around the globe- the UWH World Championships (Worlds). I didn’t make the cut for the Philippine team but I didn’t let the…



T&T on the Road to Eger

We are on our way to the UWH World Championship… We did about 9-hour drive yesterday and covered more than half of the travel.. We spent the night in Germany at the border with Austria and heading into Austria this morning. T&T are on the road again, we should be in Eger by this afternoon……


BCW Coming to Europe!

  Fins… check! Mask and snorkel… check! Gloves and sticks… check! Swimwear… check! Clothes… check! Jacket… check!   Visa… check! Passport… check!   Yes.. BreathingCanWait is ready and all packed. BCW is coming to Europe.   If you have been following my blogs, you know by now that I didn’t make it to the Philippine…


Hello Lady, Where you From?

The air was humid and the dust welcomed me as I get off the plane. Everyone was rushing to catch their connecting flights. Some of the passengers are a bit grumpy due to the 3-hour flight delay during our stop-over. I was one of those people starting to lose patience with the recent mishap of…

angkor wat complex

12 Things to do in Cambodia

Most of my friends knew my fancy for travel and have seen some of my travel escapades on photos. Knowing I’ve been to Cambodia few times, some of them will ask me what to do there. Thinking about the weekends I spent there, I thought of what I think should be included in the to-do…


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