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What’s for Breakfast: Sunday at La Cigale

Our weekends are usually pancakes day… I make my thick American pancakes and dilute the remainder to make T’s thin Dutch pancakes. It will always be a treat as workweek mornings are rushed and the usual convenient yoghurt and milk. But one Saturday, I asked T what’s for breakfast as we ran out of pancake…


Auckland Lantern Festival 2015

Gong xi fa cai… yeah, I know. I’m a month behind but as the saying goes- better late than never. From 26th Feb til 1st of March, the lantern festival was held at Albert Park in Auckland to celebrate the year of the goat. Team T&T didn’t miss the opportunity to witness this for the…


Auckland Pride Festival 2015

Rainbow colors were waving everywhere. From skirts to flags… and even dresses. This marked the start of Auckland Pride Festival. To be honest, I never really liked going to events like this…the introvert me would usually get too overwhelmed with the crowd and all that’s happening. But then, one of the first events happened to…

united tribes flag flying on Waitangi Day.

Another Long Weekend on Waitangi Day

  So it’s another short work-week for me. For the other T, it didn’t make much of a difference as he works from home. To me, two short work weeks in a row, were quite a treat. The week before was the Auckland Anniversary Day and this week was Waitangi Day. What is Waitangi Day… aside…


Anniversary Day is Cycling Day

Nope, it’s not our anniversary day but it was a good day. 🙂 To wake up on a Monday morning and not needing to go to work… I guess almost everyone (employee or student alike) working during the usual workweek would agree that that is one of the best feelings to wake up. It was…


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