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It’s A Mum’s Life!

A new mom friend joked once “have kids they said, it will be easy they said.” Well “they” forgot to warn us about the rough days especially when you got a child with eczema. We welcomed our little bundle of joy almost 5 months ago (where did time go?!). All were good and cruising well…

Staying fit at 30weeks pregnancy.

Life Happens :)

It’s been over a year since my last post here. Well, life took over… and team T&t has been on a big roller coaster ride, the tribe is getting bigger with our latest addition. I have little D resting on my shoulders as I write this.   As we start to settle more, I’m hoping…


Junk-free doesn’t have to be boring

This month T&T decided to participate in Junk-free June. We defined our junk as refined sugar, dairy (for me) and processed food… Although the other T would have occasional ramblings that chocolate is not junk! ? Earlier this year, we took a 30-day Paleo challenge as a late participation on our crossfit group’s challenge in…


What’s for Breakfast: Sunday at La Cigale

Our weekends are usually pancakes day… I make my thick American pancakes and dilute the remainder to make T’s thin Dutch pancakes. It will always be a treat as workweek mornings are rushed and the usual convenient yoghurt and milk. But one Saturday, I asked T what’s for breakfast as we ran out of pancake…

Refilling corner at the Eco Store.

Going Eco

As much as we could, team T&T would try our best to lessen our impact to Mother Nature. Although we haven’t fully diminished our use of plastics, we would try not to use much.  We started with bringing our re-usable bags when doing groceries ever since we were in the little red dot. Now that…


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