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T&T on the Road to Eger

We are on our way to the UWH World Championship… We did about 9-hour drive yesterday and covered more than half of the travel.. We spent the night in Germany at the border with Austria and heading into Austria this morning. T&T are on the road again, we should be in Eger by this afternoon……


BCW Coming to Europe!

  Fins… check! Mask and snorkel… check! Gloves and sticks… check! Swimwear… check! Clothes… check! Jacket… check!   Visa… check! Passport… check!   Yes.. BreathingCanWait is ready and all packed. BCW is coming to Europe.   If you have been following my blogs, you know by now that I didn’t make it to the Philippine…

The Underwater Hockey Tourist in Singapore

It’s been a month since I launched BCW. Last week, I incidentally revisited Singapore.. Where I started uwh. It’s been almost a year since I left the place and moved back to Philippines. I never thought I’d be here often but there are lots of reason to visit… A particularly good one, if I may…


UWH is Family

This week I got a surprise… ok, not that I didn’t know about it at all. Last November , during the Manila Invitational 2012, i lent my white polo cap to another player as he didn’t bring his white cap for the tournament *bubble thought: Hmm, why did you leave your white cap mate… Aren’t…

phil depth

We All Start As Newbies

Last weekend, I had a mini-uwh camp with my personal coach. There were few things I realized that weekend. I think it is something many new (or even experienced) athletes should remember. 1. Athletes are not born, they are made. We all start as newbies in our fields. It will take time and perseverance for…


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