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Underwater Hockey in Hawaii: Pacific Coast Championship 2015

This may be super late but as the saying goes, better late than never. I’ll just call this an anniversary blog. 🙂 Last year, I had the privilege of joining the NZ women’s team open camps leading to the selections for the UWH World Championships 2016 in South Africa. It was an amazing experience to…


First 4-a-side Masters Competition

Sometime last month, we found ourselves heading to Rotorua (I’ve yet to find out the reason for it being called Rotovegas) to participate in a  4-a-side masters competition. This was an initiative by many dedicated underwater hockey players who were hoping to gather interest for a masters team for the next uwh world championships in…

My team, Mashed Fins.

A taste of Kiwi UWH: 2014 Interclub Championships

When we finally decided that we were moving to Kiwi-land, T&T were looking forward to more underwater hockey (uwh) games and probably tournaments. It took about 2 months before we (or actually, just I) managed to check a club here. Sometime in September 2014, while T was away for a project, I finally told myself:…


T&T on the Road to Eger

We are on our way to the UWH World Championship… We did about 9-hour drive yesterday and covered more than half of the travel.. We spent the night in Germany at the border with Austria and heading into Austria this morning. T&T are on the road again, we should be in Eger by this afternoon……


BCW Coming to Europe!

  Fins… check! Mask and snorkel… check! Gloves and sticks… check! Swimwear… check! Clothes… check! Jacket… check!   Visa… check! Passport… check!   Yes.. BreathingCanWait is ready and all packed. BCW is coming to Europe.   If you have been following my blogs, you know by now that I didn’t make it to the Philippine…


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