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Labor Day Freedive Training

Our group took advantage of the Labor Day public holiday. By Tuesday night, 5 of us were all heading to Anilao for a good training dive the following day. I haven’t gone with the Manila Freedivers for a while as I focused on underwater hockey training in the last few months; some people are able…


A Freediving Jamboree

Now here’s something freedivers can look forward to. I stumbled upon this through a friend on facebook. On its site, One Breath Jamboree is described as the gathering of freediving tribes. It is the first of its kind in Indonesia; freediving meeting and competition. The website said: A week of learning and training that culminates…


Bubbler for a Day (Part2)

Earlier in April, I was a bubbler for a day for a reason. Our mission then was aborted due to some unavoidable factors. So a weekend before our Labor Day Freedive Training (to link next article), we were once again… bubblers. This time, we managed to do what we needed to do: set up a…


my first freediving competition

Blood Red Philippine Depth Challenge 2012 from Teddie Mateo on Vimeo. Here’s an article I wrote for a friend’s online travel magazine: Let’s Talk About First Love… Newsflash: The 2nd Philippine Depth Challenge is likely to happen in 2014… something to look forward to!


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