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Philippine Freediving with Wolfgang Dafert

  A friend attended his freediving course in Cebu; this is how I heard about him and his school. In 2009, I went to take the same course and finally met the man behind the first freediving school in the Philippines. Wolfgang Dafert is the founder of Freediving-Philippines based in Moalboal, Cebu. Under his tutelage,…

with jade at PDC

Jade Leutenegger: My Sea-fairy Godmother ;)

Freediving and underwater hockey has this sort of chicken-and-egg thing with me. Some friends I meet in freediving end up playing underwater hockey or vice versa; or sometimes I just meet people who are somehow related to either. Sometimes it’s just that six degrees of separation… we are all connected in some way. That’s how…

The Sea- fairy, The Mermaid and the Merman out of the Water

Last Thursday, I met a sea-fairy and a merman for lunch… Let’s just say they are my best pool/ sea buddies in the Lion City. Let me hide them under the human name: Jade and Kim Seng (sometimes Andrew) It was a great afternoon catching up with how our freedive trainings are going. Both the…


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