It’s A Mum’s Life!

A new mom friend joked once “have kids they said, it will be easy they said.”

Well “they” forgot to warn us about the rough days especially when you got a child with eczema.

We welcomed our little bundle of joy almost 5 months ago (where did time go?!). All were good and cruising well until about one and a half months ago (or probably more, we just didn’t notice it). Our little man who was once a good sleeper and won’t even wail when he is hungry started having difficulty settling to sleep and his skin getting drier despite moisturising it.

The midwife, doctor, well-child nurse just said he is colicky and suggested use gripe water. Being a mom with some research background, I tried to search for evidence behind the recommendation… I found none. Journal articles that I’ve read indicated any of the usual colic remedies doesn’t really help.

Then his skin got worse, the doctor asked me to cut off dairy since my son is exclusively breastfed and said it was typical eczema for newborn and just dismissed all other parts of the history (that’s another story and please don’t get me started 😉). We were not impressed to say the least and searched for a good family doctor. We switched to a new family doctor, she is heaven sent… someone who listens.

We were referred immediately to a dermatologist who considered my son’s case an urgent one. We were seen and a clear management plan was discussed. We were informed that his eczema is not diet related but with the severity of his skin, his gut can be sensitive. I haven’t searched for any articles on this one but the consultant mentioned that there is a rising evidence about eczema affecting the gut.

We’re not yet out of the woods but we see the light. D still has some skin flare up every now and then. But what I noted is when I cut off dairy and egg in my diet his colicky symptoms were gone. He is now settling in a regular naptime routines during the day, and sleeps reasonably at night. Was it colic then or is it just dairy intolerance? I won’t know for sure.

Dairy/egg/gluten/refined sugar free snacks: (L) coconut-spirulina balls, (R) sticky carrot cake bites

On reflection, considering what the doctor said that his gut is quite sensitive at the moment I decided to cut off gluten too. I guess our generation is lucky, we have the internet to help us with recipes and suggestions for whatever allergens need to be eliminated from our diet.

Yes it has been a roller coaster ride for us. But on a positive note, being more aware of what I eat meant healthier eating. Even before pregnancy T and I have tried to observe healthy eating habits… with occasional indulgences of course. We sort of follow the principles of Paleo diet with some days craving for rice or bread. So following a dairy free and gluten free diet isn’t a mission. It’s the egg-free diet that makes it a bit more challenging. Thanks to facebook interest groups and vegan recipes. Vegan recipes are my go to for dairy/egg-free diet. Just recently, I made this dairy/egg/gluten/refined sugar free bread, i got a recipe from this blog and made slight twitching to make it refined sugar free too and it still tastes good!

Gluten-free and refined sugar free vegan bread

So what’s the point… i just want to give a shoutout to family and friends… we are managing. I will lie if i say we are doing great as it has been a roller coaster ride the last few weeks but we are coping with good support from our family doctor and fellow moms from our antenatal group who became our instant family away from home. I count those blessings when we have rough times like this.

And despite all the skin problems, our little D still gives us smiles and giggles… just yesterday he had another milestone rolling on his tummy (while scratching his itchy face and head like there is no tomorrow! 😖). But these my friends are the moments that takes a any parents’ breath away! And even for few minutes we forget how rough the day was… i’m sure this rough ride shall pass…. good days are yet to come. Hang in there anak!

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Note: When I gave birth, I thought I’ll have more time blogging. Holy molly… this blog took me 3days to finish! 😳😳😳