Underwater Hockey in Hawaii: Pacific Coast Championship 2015


This may be super late but as the saying goes, better late than never. I’ll just call this an anniversary blog. 🙂

Last year, I had the privilege of joining the NZ women’s team open camps leading to the selections for the UWH World Championships 2016 in South Africa. It was an amazing experience to be welcomed by the top players in the sports without feeling left out. In my book, these amazing ladies are not just uwh champions but a bunch of humble people who are very passionate about sharing the sport to the community.


2015 NZ Squad for PCCs in Hawaii.

I must say I’ve learned more in those camps as compared to the 5 years I’ve been playing the sport. T’s coaching since 2012 combined with the camps I joined with the NZ team put more confidence in my understanding of the game and made me enjoy the games better. I am still far from achieving what those Kiwi ladies have achieved but it definitely inspired me to work harder.

Part of the preparations was joining the Pacific Coast Championships (PCCs) 2015 held in Hawaii. I inquired if I could be part of this and the team welcomed me. Other countries such as Australia and Canada also used the event as their team’s build up towards worlds. Big T on the other hand played with a barbarian team composed of players from different countries.

T's team. Credit to the photographer.

T’s team. Credit to the photographer.

As always, underwater hockey tournaments are like a big family reunion. We saw familiar faces such as former teammates from Singapore, friends from the Netherlands and friends from around the globe.

All the games were intense, you would think it was already the world championships. My team won the 2nd place, losing the final game by just a point… a very close game. Overall, everyone had a fantastic time… well, who wouldn’t enjoy being in Hawaii? (watch out for our travel/ photo blog of this trip next week.)

I learned a lot and above all gained more friends in the process. A big shout out to the NZ women squad 2015, special mention to my Hawaii team, and coach Andy!


2nd Place- Women’s Division. Our team with our turtle “medals”… yes we got a turtle medal. 😉