First 4-a-side Masters Competition

Sometime last month, we found ourselves heading to Rotorua (I’ve yet to find out the reason for it being called Rotovegas) to participate in a  4-a-side masters competition. This was an initiative by many dedicated underwater hockey players who were hoping to gather interest for a masters team for the next uwh world championships in 2018.


It was an amazing weekend, seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends. Although team T&t is one of the few new faces in the NZ community, we never felt like an outsider. This is what I always loved about uwh competitions, it almost always feels like a family reunion, meeting cousins from near and far.


Our team was called Hoof Hearted and won the best team name. 😉 We had a weak start, losing our first game. But as the day progressed, our team continued to gel and got the hang of each other’s game and we come out second out of the five teams who played that day. It was an amazing experience to be able to connect and play with people whom I’ve only met that day. Somehow, it was an affirmation of how much I have grown in this sport, knowing I could quickly adjust with most players and be an effective member of the team. The other T, on the other hand, had shown his skills and fitness once again… I will always be his number one fan!


Team Hoof Hearted with our silver medals. 🙂

There is a likelihood that this event will be repeated to continue the interest and hopefully get a masters team to represent NZ in Canada in 2018. I look forward to those events… and hopeful to be part of it, preferably as a player (with much hardwork and coaching needed) but I will also be thrilled to be a supporter of this amazing NZ uwh community who has adopted us in the last 2 years.