July is for new adventures!

Exactly 2 years ago, around this time of the year… I was in a shop trying to find some winter clothes. We were just a few days in Auckland and trying to acclimatize with the cold temperature. Imagine coming from the tropical little red dot and then into 13 to 14- degree weather. I could still clearly remember how many times people I’ve met mentioned about it being the coldest winter they had.

t and t CDO

Our first photo together. Credit to the photographer… one of the guys in our white water rafting group.

A little bit of backtracking… Rewind… 4 years ago… around this time of the year too…I was traveling with this Dutch guy around the Philippines. Little did we both know that it was the start of possibly a lifetime of adventures.


After several travels, another migration and 2 underwater hockey world championships… we’re pretty much stuck with each other… and happy to continue further *wink* with this adventure together.


Time definitely flew by just like that… There is so much for us to be grateful about but I’ll let the photos speak for itself.


Here’s a glimpse of our second year here at middle earth. There were few overseas trips that I’ll probably blog more in the next few weeks… some long-overdue travel blogs. 🙂


NZ year2

Row 1: Whangaroa, Row 2: Cape Reinga, Row 3: 90 mile beach and the sand dunes, Row 4: Christmas 2015 in the Philippines, Row 5: more trips up North

NZ year2b

Row 1: Pasifika Festival, Row 2 and 3 : more of Northland, Row 4: Wine Tour at Waiheke Island, Row 5: A day in Wellington

Although we did not intentionally pick July for our adventures, it seems to be the month of the year where our new chapter starts. Hello July, let our new adventures begin!!!