Junk-free doesn’t have to be boring

This month T&T decided to participate in Junk-free June. We defined our junk as refined sugar, dairy (for me) and processed food… Although the other T would have occasional ramblings that chocolate is not junk! ?

Earlier this year, we took a 30-day Paleo challenge as a late participation on our crossfit group’s challenge in November last year. Since then, we have been following an “almost Paleo” diet… Less grains, less refined sugar, less dairy. We generally stuck to whole foods with occasional treats like a slice of cake.

But even the not so skillful baker in me took a different route… It is a bit of a challenge baking gluten free but luckily Paleo doesn’t mean egg-free too. Eggs and I became very good friends when baking gluten/grain-free. I’ve been making our gluten/grain/refined sugar-free bread for a while and I must say, the results are pretty good.

Here are some results of our kitchen experiments:

Chocolate Macaroons.

Paleo apple pie: this by far is the trickiest to make. The dough just doesnt stick together! But taste was great.

Peach streusel cofee cake.

Being a beginner baker, I still go back to flour and all the usual ingredients… And those occasions meant our occasinal treats.

As we strive  to eat “clean,” we feel the benefits of it such as more energetic, less mood swings and a more stable number on the scale. 🙂

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. We all just have to be more informed of the choices we make when buying our food… After all, we are what we eat.