View of Piha Beach from top of Anawhata

The Road to Piha

Chillin' at Piha Beach

Chillin’ at Piha Beach

It started with a conversation about theme park rides in the office. While writing the last few patient notes for the day a colleague turned to me and said “Do you enjoy those theme park rides?” I said no and that even just riding a car on a winding road makes me sick.

Another colleague told me I should go to Piha as the road will probably make me sick. But I was told the beach would be worth that ride. So one weekend, I told T we’ll go to Piha. Since then, we have been to the area several times. Although I’ve never really swam there as it seemed too cold for me, I liked hanging out at the beach and just listening to the waves. It is such a treat whenever we go to that side of Auckland.


Piha Beach

Piha Beach