More Fun on the Second Half of the Year

So last week marks the start of the second half of 2013. While there were so many good times in the first half… there are more to look forward to this second half.


Let’s start with August. The Underwater Hockey World Championship will be held in Eger, Hungary from 23 August to 1 September. I didn’t make it to the Philippine women’s team but I will be there to cheer for my boyfriend who is representing his country at the men’s masters; and I will give you a daily update on what’s happening there so do watch out for that.


But hey just because I didn’t make it to the team doesn’t mean I’ll stop training. I’m still training as there are still other competitions to prepare for.


Let’s start with one in Europe. I didn’t know about it til Coach T mentioned it to me. In Breda, the Netherlands the Argonauta International Underwater Hockey Tournament is held every third week of September. Their website shows interesting post-tournament party themes as well; I heard it’s a blast when they party. This year’s theme: Underwater World. Since we will still be in Europe that time, maybe we could check it out. I’ll let you guys know if I did. 😉


Now on another continent, in the U.S., the Pacific Coast Championship 2013 will be held on 19- 20 October in California. Following that, the Annual All Women’s Tournament will be held in the same state on 26- 27 October; it’s open to all women hockey players, of all skills, experiences and ages.


An on the other side of the world, towards the end of the year, the 5th Asian Underwater Hockey Championshipwill be held in the Philippines! See my next blog for more details.


Now isn’t it a lot to look forward to this second half of the year! Just a month to go before the Underwater Hockey World Championship… all the best to all the teams participating.