20130501 Anilao026

Labor Day Freedive Training

20130501 Anilao026Our group took advantage of the Labor Day public holiday. By Tuesday night, 5 of us were all heading to Anilao for a good training dive the following day.

I haven’t gone with the Manila Freedivers for a while as I focused on underwater hockey training in the last few months; some people are able to do other sports training simultaneous to freediving, but I feel I can’t… or probably I just need to train myself and find that switch on my body- freedive mode on, uwh mode off temporarily and vice versa.

It’s been a while since I did freedive training… and I realized it’s not that easy to go back to what I could do before.  There were few things I needed to remind myself with:


1. Set a realistic goal.

This is what I failed to do in this trip. Although my dive buddy and I set a goal that I should do 2min30 breath hold for this training, I am not sure if we were realistic about it. It is also possible that I set a wrong goal. Perhaps, I should have aimed to be able to shut my mind first.

I only managed to do 1min50sec during my static training. The contractions were there and they were coming fast and too often. Thinking back, I could have done better if I focused more with my goal.. it’s just 40seconds more! As for depth, my body is refusing that squeeze at the15m mark; by the time I reached 17m, I was already struggling.


2. Your mind can control your body so don’t give up.

I really think I failed miserably during this dive training. I gave up too easily just because the muscle spasms are just too painful to endure. In the end, it is about what I want to achieve. My mind can control how my body should react… which brings me to the next point…


3. Just let go.

Just let go of the clutter in your mind. Focus at the moment. If at first you gave in just after 2 contractions, try again and endure 5 more; do it over and over again until you reach your goal. Don’t think about your previous attempts. Let go and just trust your mind and your training buddy.


Experience tells me that the three things I noted are easier said than done. But I also know that I did it before and there’s no way I cannot do them again… it is just a matter of how much I really want to push myself.


I am confident that I am fitter now. Hence, my body should be able to adapt easier… I think it’s really time to go back to some serious, constant freedive training.



Hihi… check out our post-dive, yummy meal. 😀

Ah oh… sorry got distracted… How about you, how do you stay fit for freediving? What do you do to overcome your challenges and beat your own personal bests?