Summer 2013


Hello. I hope you guys are enjoying summer (yeah, it’s summertime here in the Philippines).

This might come a bit late but hey, there’s still few more days before summer officially ends. I hope you guys had a great fun during your summer holiday- be it the whole month, just a weekend adventure or simply feeling the heat of summer (hope you had some good splash though… it’s extremely hot nowadays). I had a great time covering stories for BCW summer special.

In this issue, you’ll get to meet an oxygen- deprived athlete, a Filipino underwater hockey player.

You’ll also meet a guy who succeeded in changing career. And on this notes, get some advice on how I decided to quit my job.

I also managed to enjoy some sun, sand and sea with my freedive training this summer.

If if that doesn’t excite you enough, hold your breath as you read my travel notes on Cambodia.


Happy reading! And enjoy the rest of summer!


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