Bubbler for A Day


Top: Early morning in Anilao; Bottom (L): Windsurfing board turned table during get togethers at San Jose Sailboards; (R) drying our SCUBA gear post-dive.

06 Apr 2013. After almost half a year of unintentional abstaining from seawater.. I was back. I thought I’d give myself a break from chlorine water.

When my dive buddy texted if I wanted to go to Anilao, Batangas to meet a visiting freediver and to help him set up a buoy for our future freedive training, I didn’t think twice and agreed.

By Saturday noon, we were heading to the beach. I didn’t realize how much I missed the sun and sea ’til we reached the camp. We always stay at this windsurfing club house. I realized I really missed the sea; i missed this place..familiar and feels like home. I don’t know most of the people there, but somehow the place and their company gives that feeling of belonging; it feels like an extended family… All of us gather for the same love, the ocean.

For a day “Manong” (as I fondly call him; meaning older brother) Carlo and I became bubblers. We’re crazy about freediving but we know it’s limitations… Just for a day, we needed a tank to set up a buoy for future freedive training. Ending: our mission was aborted prematurely as the buoy previously set up there was nowhere to be found (did the sea claim it… or did some local fisherman or divers think finders, keepers? We’ll never know). So with so much air left in our tanks we decided to explore the area with our bubbles… Words are not enough to describe the rich underwater scene that day. Despite some current and relatively low visibility (10 – 15m), it was a good dive.

As a friend would always say: “Nothing a good day of diving can’t cure.”

The following day, I woke up early; well rested. I decided to do a little bit of swim to burn off the calories I had acquired at dinner the previous night (it was a feast!). With the sea embracing me, the waves serenading me… I knew, I was home. šŸ™‚