Bubbler for a Day (Part2)


Earlier in April, I was a bubbler for a day for a reason. Our mission then was aborted due to some unavoidable factors. So a weekend before our Labor Day Freedive Training (to link next article), we were once again… bubblers.

This time, we managed to do what we needed to do: set up a buoy to an approximately 35m depth.

Mia joined us to this trip. With her new gear (fins and suit) in tow, we wouldn’t let her go home without trying them out. So on Sunday morning we did a bit of freedive training. It was a good warm-up for me who hasn’t done any form of freedive training since October 2012.

Being inactive with training for a while, my body isn’t used to it anymore; it felt like I am a newbie again. The contractions all came too early and I can’t tell my body to relax; I can’t control my mind and fight the evil gremlins in my head! My personal best is 3min35sec on static; and just last year, I could consistently hold my breath for 2min30sec. Now, I can’t even pass the 2 minute mark! It was frustrating.

When we went to depth… of course, we need to try that buoy we set up the previous day! I managed to go to 19m; but my last few meters going up was a struggle. Imagine the frustration from someone who could consistently do 22m without a fuss!

When I finally came to terms with myself, I just shrug it off and told myself… it’s time to go back to some serious training. As Coach T. would often tell me: in hockey or freediving, it is just a matter of what you really want, what you want to achieve… you have to practice controlling your mind to achieve these goals. And all these things can only be achieved with constant practice plus determination.