The Underwater Hockey Tourist in Singapore

It’s been a month since I launched BCW. Last week, I incidentally revisited Singapore.. Where I started uwh. It’s been almost a year since I left the place and moved back to Philippines.

I never thought I’d be here often but there are lots of reason to visit… A particularly good one, if I may say. 😉

On my first Sunday there, I managed to play with the SUHCers (no… It’s not sucker… It’s Stirling Underwater Hockey Club players 🙂 ) in a new pool. The club is introducing it to a group of swim instructors with the hope that the sports will be known and played more in other areas of Singapore. Nice pool in a covered area… But as it was a competition pool, water was really cold! Depth was better than the club’s 1.8 meter home pool at Queenstown; it was 2-meter deep. During the intro session, I even met a Filipina who knew underwater hockey from her previous job at the Manila Polo Club in the Philippines; she knew my current club- Polo Puck Pirates.

On Tuesday, I joined the club’s internal competition dubbed as ” Foreign vs Local Talents.” I played with the foreign talents… Overall, it was a good game but I needed to re-adjust with their play as it has been a while since I played with them. As with some high intensity games, it was a bit rougher than usual. There was some commotion during the game but all ended well. *I think* The referee and club president, Weelit handled (and currently handling) it well, IMO.

On the side, with Coach T being equally disappointed as I am with my flick test results during try outs… I have done more flicking exercises since I arrived at the little red dot. I can hear my coach getting frustrated but trying to hold it; but I’m trying my best to improve my flicks. During my last practice, I could do the proper form at least 70% of the time… But it is with my eyes closed and feeling the puck on my stick as I move. I still suck big time when I try to do it as if I am aiming for the goal. But yeah, one tiny step at a time and I’ll get there.

My thoughts out of the water:
– Hockey is a lifestyle. Regardless of your location, it’s already in your system and it’s a hard habit to break. After all, I met many of the people closest to my heart through uwh.
– Once your body is accustomed with training, it will crave for it… Even when you are traveling.

Now…time for more training… After a week of absence, I’ll be playing with the girls again tonight! *can’t wait*