The Sea- fairy, The Mermaid and the Merman out of the Water

Last Thursday, I met a sea-fairy and a merman for lunch… Let’s just say they are my best pool/ sea buddies in the Lion City. Let me hide them under the human name: Jade and Kim Seng (sometimes Andrew)

It was a great afternoon catching up with how our freedive trainings are going. Both the sea-fairy and merman are preparing for a coming pool competition this week at Kuala Lumpur. I mentioned that freediving has to take a back seat for me this year but I think my underwater hockey training would still compliment freediving in a way. Oh and Kim Seng will be taking his AIDA Judge course this month as well!!! Way to,go buddy! We’ll have another judge in the region… Woohoo!

I always love seeing these amazing creatures- in or out of water 🙂 we practically talked about anything under the sun. Jade, got her new toy: a gorgeous sony camera… So Andrew and I became unsolicited models.

I look forward to seeing/ training with them again. Do look out for them at the coming Asia Dive Expo Singapore in April.

That’s it for now… Hold your breath for people I will feature in my freediving and underwater hockey people segment. The sea-fairy will be featured! 🙂