Extra WILL power

“If a man achieves victory over his body, who in the world can exercise power over him? He who rules his body, rules over the whole world.” – Vinoba Bhave

Today, I woke up so early for work: 530AM!!! By the time I finish my first job, I was so exhausted. After a late, working lunch, I rushed to my next stint and went to see a client.

Before leaving the house, I packed my swimsuit and grabbed my mask and snorkel thinking I could do a swim workout if I finish early at work. I didn’t have the time to pack all hockey gear so I took what was easiest to prep (or practically grab on the way out of my room).

My last client canceled so I had enough time for workout… but thinking how long I’ve been awake and the traffic I had to endure on the way home, I almost sabotaged my own workout plan and my team.

On the way out of the parking lot, I almost turned to the way home but I managed to reprimand myself not to give in to laziness and all excuses I have in mind (traffic, too tired from work etc.). The moment I hit the pool, it was easier to condition my mind and body to exercise. I went home with jell-o legs from swimming without fins and with legs only but I was happy I did my workout.

Sometimes, it only takes that extra will power to do the things you should do. It helps when you make a pledge or commitment to yourself or your team. It helps more when you get a buddy who becomes your conscience, and the two of you accountable for each other’s progress. My buddy is based somewhere else but I’m monitored regularly and it works for me.

As I am currently training with the Philippine Women’s team to go to the UWH World Championship, I made this pledge to myself and the team… I’m really hoping, I can make it it to the team!


It is difficult to follow the schedule religiously but I try my best to keep  it or  at least do 90% of it all the time. Sometimes I interchange targets. Sometimes I need to do make-up exercises for those I missed… but sometimes I just listen to my body and take that much needed rest. But yeah, we all need to do our training regularly until they become a habit.


How about you, what do you do when laziness hits you? What motivates you to do your workout and be better?